Pastoral Care Framework

Our Pastoral Care Framework is shaped by our faith in Jesus Christ. It seeks to grow us as individuals and as a community. 

We desire our students to develop Christian values and virtues, exemplified in the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Specifically, we focus on the virtues of respect, care and service as an expression of our Christian Values of love, faith and hope

We believe:
  • Individuals are unique, created in God’s image to love and serve God and each other
  • Individuals should connect and contribute to the growth of the community
  • Community growth will contribute the growth of each individual
  • Our community should reflect our hope of an eternal kingdom, perfected in Jesus Christ

We purposefully seek through our pastoral care framework to:

  • Develop an understanding of who we are, what we believe, and our place in the world
  • Establish, build and celebrate our connections to each other, by treating each other with dignity, humility and respect
  • Foster leadership in all members of our community
  • Act with responsibility to serve and care for the wider community

Thus, we are striving to create for all students a safe, supportive and engaging Environment that enhances Wellbeing through personal growth, encouraging resilience and a balanced and healthy lifestyle whilst fostering authentic, collaborative, servant-hearted Character.

2021 Pastoral Care Framework
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