See the world through new eyes

Learning a foreign language means stepping into a whole new world of experience - learning a language as part of a students schooling is an important way of growing in understanding and openness to the wider world.

Communication is the goal of using language, we focus the student learning experience on a more communicative approach. Our students have the opportunity to experience learning French and Italian languages along with the respective cultures.

We teach French:

  • At beginners level in Years 5-8
  • As an elective in Years 9-10
  • For beginners and continuers in Years 11-12 for the HSC.

We teach Italian:

  • At beginners level in Years 3-4
  • As an elective in Years 9-12.

French is the official language in 33 countries of the world and is the second most widely taught language in the world (after English), so it is very useful for travelling.

Italian is spoken by approximately 85 million people (2022) with it being the official language in Italy, Switzerland (Ticino and the Grisons), San Marino, and Vatican City. It has official minority status in Croatia and in some areas of Slovenian Istria.

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