2024 Schedule

View our fees for each year group from Prep to Year 12, as well as service charges for all extra College related activities, IT one-to-one program and materials. We also offer family allowances for when two or more members of an immediate family attend the College at the same time. View below for more details.

Enrolment Fees

Fee Type Amount Conditions
Application Fee $55 Payable when the Application for Enrolment is lodged. The Application Fee (which is non-refundable and inclusive of GST) is payable directly to the College.
Acceptance Fee $550 per student, $1100 per family maximum An Acceptance Fee is payable when accepting a place offered by the College. The fee (which is non-refundable) is $550 for the first enrolment, $550 for the second enrolment, and a maximum of $1100 per family. No further payment is required for third and subsequent enrolments. The Acceptance Fee is to be paid within 14 days of notification that a place has been offered, or on the student's first day at school, whichever is sooner. The College's receipt of the 'Offer of a Place' letter, signed and returned by parents together with the payment of the Acceptance Fee, constitutes acceptance of the place offered.

College Fees

Year Group Term (x4) College Fees Annual College Fee
Pre-Kindergarten 2 Days $1125 $4500
Pre-Kindergarten 3 Days $1685 $6740
K to 4 $1670 $6680
Years 5 to 6 $1670 $6680
Years 7 to 8 $2095 $8380
Year 9 $2095 $8380
Year 10 $2095 $8380
Year 11 $2170 $8680
Year 12* $2905 $8715

Service Charges

Year Group Term (x4) Service Charges Annual Service Charges
Pre-Kindergarten 2 Days $250 $1000
Pre-Kindergarten 3 Days $340 $1360
K to 4 $500 $2000
Years 5 to 6 $670 $2680
Years 7 to 8 $980 $3920
Year 9 $995 $3980
Year 10 $1045 $4180
Year 11 $970 $3880
Year 12* $1075 $3225

*Year 12 College Fees and Service Charges are spread over 3 terms.

Family Allowance

A concession in the above College Fees is allowable where two or more members of the immediate family concurrently attend the College and where no other concession applies, eg. a scholarship. The allowance does not extend to Prep, the Service Charges or to students placed by Corporate Debtors.

Second Student Third Student Fourth Student Subsequent Students
$200 per term $510 per term $570 per term $570 per term
  1. The Schedule of Fees and Charges is set each year by the College Council as part of the annual budgetary process. The Council reserves the right to vary these at any time by written advice.
  2. The Service Charge covers excursions, incursions, craft, photocopying, sport, normal camps, IT programmes, Years 7 to 12 textbook programme, etc.
  3. Application Fees and Acceptance Fees will not be treated as credits towards your College Fees account.


Arndell Fee Schedule 2024
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