The exciting world of Stage 2

Stage 2

When you enter the exciting world of Stage 2 you will discover wonderful learning experiences in an open-planned classroom where co-operation and friendliness to others are of utmost importance, together with an awareness of the wonderful world that God has created for us to enjoy.

The ‘mini-beasts’ in Year 3 observe invertebrates interacting and surviving in a terrarium world, produce stunning art works and investigate what life was like in colonial times as they study British Colonization. They ‘travel’ through Australia as they discover Australian fauna and flora, and visit capital cities and heritage sites and icons. Students design and make simple machines and experiment with forces and energy.

Year 4 classrooms turn into science laboratories as students dissect body parts and learn about body systems, investigate magnetism and test water quality in the local area. Bushrangers come lurking in the Year 4 classrooms, and our resident expert makes the history of our local area come alive to the students. Students research different ways of communication and the technological changes that have occurred in this area. Our beautiful national parks are also studied, and students become ‘mayor for a day’ in the study of local government.

Students in Stage 2 participate together in Writers’ Day, and share achievement with the ‘Star of the Month’ program. Our resource computer area is always busy with students creating slide shows and movie films, solving maths puzzles and creating computer-generated art.

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