Opportunity to learn through exploring their interests

The College follows the Australian curriculum through the New South Wales Education Standards Authority syllabuses. Offering extra and co-curricular opportunities in support of the syllabus and student interests.

The Junior School provides students with significant time for play-based learning, especially in the younger years, through to a formalised curriculum with learning activities across the spectrum of academic, creative and sport. Homework is seen as a key component to learning and building skills as a lifelong learner and is started in the early years.

The Secondary School provides students with the opportunity to prepare for life after school. Our students experience a formalised curriculum in Years 7 and 8. In Years 9 and 10 students are given significant options to pursue areas of interest, leading them to make important subject selections for Years 11 and 12.

Growing students in all aspects of their learning – academic, social, emotional and spiritual.

The College’s Learning Journey Framework comprises a whole school model outlining what our learning community looks like, sounds like and acts like as well as an instructional model which is used to guide our designing for learning.

Our model was developed by staff at Arndell Anglican College after exploring various pedagogical models, learning frameworks and exploration of what is learning, how we learn and what is needed to support learning. The purpose of the common instructional model is to provide a common language and framework for designing curriculum and learning experiences.

The Learning Framework is structured around three pillars which focus on the Individual, the Interpersonal and the Intellectual. We view that all members of the community – staff, students, and families, strive to reflect the values and characteristics, which underpin each pillar through the way we act, relate and respond.

As a Christ-centred Learning Community we shape our teaching around what it means to be created by God for relationship with him, each other and caring for his world. We foster growth in a safe and inclusive community that reflects the love demonstrated by Jesus on the cross.

Through broad learning experiences, students will thrive as individuals, grow as intellectuals, and develop their interpersonal skills. Thus, our hope is to have Arndell students graduate from the College with an understanding of Christ’s love to inform and empower them to have a positive impact on the world.

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