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The the College's School of Performing Arts we offer Instrumental Music, Voice (Singing), Speech and Drama lessons that occur throughout the school day.  The program uses a rotating roster which ensures students do not miss the same classes regularly. 

school of performing arts

The program runs all year with Music lessons completing 16 lessons per semester and Speech and Drama consisting of 14 group lessons per semester.

Students are encouraged to become involved in concerts, which give the students the opportunity to perform and to present the work they have completed throughout the year.  We have had many successful performers come through the program and it is a testament to the high quality staff we have at Arndell.

Instrumental Music and Voice (Singing) programs

Stormer Music Pty Ltd (Formerly JHM Academy Pty Ltd) undertake the Instrumental Music and Voice (Singing) programs through the College's School of Performing Arts. Stormer Music are able to provide an expanded range of musical instruments and voice lessons to suit your needs, they also offer music taster classes in Term 2 for Kindergarten students.

Speech and Drama lessons

These are undertaken by peripatetic tutors employed by the College. Please contact Mr Jon Cavenagh, Head of Performing Arts, at the College for more details or you can download the enrolment form below and return it to the College.

Speech and Drama Lessons Enrolment Form
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