Where we teach, learn and play each day

It's really important for us to have amazing spaces to teach and learn. Our teachers and students love coming to learn in a stimulating environment that enhances curiosity, collaboration, smart digital experiences, performance and play.

Teaching Classrooms

We have stage, specialist and departmental teaching areas throughout the College that include both dedicated classrooms, shared and breakout spaces. Students receive teaching from specialist teachers in specialist spaces such as Science, TAS, Languages, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Sport, Business Services, and Christian Education.


Dedicated libraries are provided in the Junior and Secondary Schools with new books being added all the time. The Stubbs Library in the Junior School includes a teaching areas and a reading pit. The Mears Library in the Secondary School includes teaching areas and a study space for our senior students. Students borrow from the libraries as part of their learning programs and for their reading pleasure. The libraries are also used as quiet spaces at lunch times. The Mears Library is open 8.30 am to 4.30 pm each day. The Stubbs Library is open 8.30 am to 3.15 pm each day.

Performing Arts

The College’s performing arts facilities includes a 500 seat auditorium, individual tutor rooms and classrooms. In performing arts we offer a vast array of opportunities for students across dramatic, musical, and stage management disciplines. In the Junior School we operate two band programs as part of the normal learning program – strings for Year 4, and brass for Years 5 and 6. Each year the students put on a musical which display the depth and breadth of our students talents both on the stage and behind the scenes.


The College’s sporting facilities include Junior and Secondary ovals and hardcourts, and a fully equipped gymnasium that allows students to partake in multiple sports including volleyball, basketball, netball, indoor cricket, indoor soccer, and gymnastics. The College is also a member of sporting associations, providing further sporting opportunities to our students.


The College has a dedicated STEM space for Junior School students that is equipped with the latest in 3D Printers, software, robotics, and maker space materials and tools. In the Secondary School the students have their engineering and graphics lessons in the Design Studio - a space equipped with the latest in 3D Printers, CAD computers, laser printers and cutters, milling tooling, and space for bringing their designs to life in model formats.


All classrooms are equipped with interactive smart panels / whiteboards, Junior School classrooms are also equipped with Apple TV. The College provides a one-to-one device program that runs from Kindergarten through to Year 12 and is fully supported from device provision, software / apps and technical support. Kindergarten to Year 4 students are provided with an iPad, Year 5 and 6 students a Microsoft Surface, with Years 7 to 12 provided with a laptop. Recently refurbished blocks have also been fitted with hearing augmentation technology to assist students with hearing impairment.

Visual Arts

The College has a dedicated visual arts classroom for both Junior and Secondary School students that are equipped and resourced to provide opportunity across the spectrum of artistic mediums. The visual arts precinct is equipped with a photography room and kiln.

Technological & Applied Studies (TAS)

Within the framework of the College's TAS curriculum, we boast a comprehensive array of facilities tailored to foster practical learning. Our Agriculture Farm stands as a testament to our hands-on approach to education. Students across the College have the opportunity to tend to animals, explore agricultural production and sustainable farming practises as well as participate in major Agricultural Shows throughout Sydney.

Our cutting-edge Vocational Education and Training (VET) facilities include two fully-equipped teaching kitchens, including a commercial-grade kitchen, and specialised facilities for Industrial Technology – Timber/Timber Technologies within our wood tech rooms. Additionally, we offer dedicated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) rooms with the latest hardware to facilitate student’s digital learning.

Expanding our TAS offerings, we're proud to provide two fully equipped Textiles teaching rooms where students can explore the intricacies of fabric and design. Our modern Design Studio is equipped with the latest tools and resources, including laser cutters, 3D printers and the latest computer hardware and design programs specifically curated for teaching Industrial Technology - Graphics and Graphics Technologies.

Play Spaces

Outside of the classroom there are dedicated play areas for our Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, Junior School and Secondary school students. These outdoor spaces also offer the ability of teaching moments in the outside environment.

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