Expressing ideas through music, drama and dance

Through the study of the performing arts students learn ways to express ideas that entertain, challenge, or comfort those around them. Studying music, drama and dance enhances an individuals teamwork skills, confidence, self-discipline, creative thinking, motor skills and active listening abilities.

The Performing arts presents opportunities for students to further their gifts or discover gifts they never knew they had. At Arndell we offer opportunities for both Junior and Secondary School students to explore the performing arts in a supportive and encouraging environment. The College has a well equipped Performing Arts Centre that has many dedicated performance spaces including a 500 seat auditorium, music computer lab, drama classroom, and multiple individual and group practice rooms.


Studies in Music offer a diverse range of career paths in areas such as performance, composition, sound production, venue management, conducting, and education.

All students from Prep to Year 8 take part in Music lessons. Our students learn to:

  • Perform using their voices and a range of instruments
  • Compose using different instruments and musical software application
  • Critically listen to music.

The Music course enables all students to develop knowledge and skills in Performing, Composing and Listening and encourages students to participate in all aspects of Music.

Students in Year 4 take part in the College's string program and students in Years 5-6 the brass band program. Both of these programs are delivered through our partnership with JHM Academy and their tutors. Students are provided with instruments in order to undertake the program.

Students in Years 9-12 can elect to continue their studies of Music as part of their formal curriculum.


Drama is taught as part of the curriculum for all students in Prep to Year 8. Students can also elect to continue their Drama studies as part of their formal curriculum in Years 9-12. Through the study of drama students build their self-confidence, their ability to speak in public, and develop interpersonal and collaboration skills.


Dance is offered through extra-curricular group programs with students afforded the opportunity to learn and perform together.

Bands and Ensembles

In addition the strings and band programs, junior students can also participate in Choir. For Secondary students there are many opportunities to improve their performance expertise through joining any number of groups, including:

  • Chapel Band
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Junior Rock Band
  • Intermediate Rock Band
  • Senior Rock Band
  • Stage Band
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Ukulele Group 
Private Lessons

Should your child wish to undertake private lessons in the performing arts throughout the school day this can be done through the peripatetic tutors associated with the College, for more information please visit School of Performing Arts.

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