Learning occurs both inside and outside classrooms and we believe that it is crucial to broaden the horizons of all students, to give them wonderful cultural, sporting and leadership opportunities, to develop in them a sense of ‘worth’ and to empower them to seek out new and exciting challenges.

Our Secondary School is formed by two schools—Middle School for students Years 7 to 9 and Senior School for students Years 10 to 12.

Students experience a formalised curriculum in Years 7–8. In Years 9–10 they are given significant options to further pursue interests, leading them to make important subject selections for Years 11–12.

The Secondary School at Arndell Anglican College seeks to create a learning environment that is characterised by:

  • Innovative teaching and learning strategies
  • Differentiated curriculum
  • Learning opportunities across a broad range of subject areas
  • Integration of ICT through the one-to-one laptop program and interactive smart boards in classrooms
  • A broad range of assessment to cater to the various student learning styles
  • Extended learning situations open to students 7 – 12 including after school opportunities in areas such as Mathematics or the ability to work on a Visual Arts project
  • Transition programs for students moving from Primary to Secondary.
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