The Anglican Schools Corporation

Arndell Anglican College is an Anglican Schools Corporation school. It is governed by a College Council, which is appointed by the Board of the Anglican Schools Corporation.

Throughout the College’s history, the Council have overseen the development of the facilities of the College and the growth from a fledging school into one of great substance.

Members of the local community serve the College in this governance capacity, providing stewardship of the ethos, traditions and future directions of the College as well as providing support and resources for the Headmaster and his team.

College Council

  • Rev Barry Macalister, Chair
  • Dr Sarah Irving-Stonebrake, Deputy Chair
  • Mr Ken Fairfax
  • Dr Jasper Morrison
  • Rev Craig Hamilton
  • Mrs Anne Sandell, Co-opted Member
  • Mrs Jennifer Favelle, Representing the CEO of the Anglican Schools Corporation
  • Dr Gareth Leechman, Headmaster
  • Mrs Jodie Woods, Director of Business Services (Council Secretary)

The day-to-day management of the College, including such matters as enrolments, staffing, spiritual education and all other educational programs is vested in the Headmaster, who is supported by an experienced and capable Executive Team, comprising:

  • Headmaster: Dr Gareth Leechman
  • Deputy Head: Mr Austin Robinson
  • Head of Secondary School:  Mr David Hall
  • Head of Middle School:  Mrs Michelle Wilson
  • Head of Junior School:  Rev Keith Peterson
  • Chaplain:  Rev Jeremy Clark
  • Director of Curriculum 7-12:  Mrs Katrina New
  • Assistant Head of Junior School Curriculum:  Mrs Tamasin Lowe
  • Assistant Head of Junior School: Pastoral Care P-2:  Mrs Larne Jacobs
  • Assistant Head of Junior School: Pastoral Care 3-6 & Organisation:  Mr Steven Catt
  • Director of Wellbeing & Community Service:  Mr Stuart Ryan
  • Director of Strategy & Planning:  Mrs Karen Merrick
  • Director of Professional Learning:  Mr Ian Finn
  • Director of Business Services:  Mrs Jodie Woods
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