FAQ for Parents

Over the past decade the College has embraced a variety of technology related developments to ensure that we keep pace with the ever changing world in which we and our students live and work.

At the beginning of term two 2014, the College will provide all Year 5 and 6 students with a tablet computer for their use at school and at home (as required by the class teacher). At the beginning of 2015 we saw this programme expanded to include Years 3 and 4 students and in 2016 we further expanded the program to include Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students.

Understandably parents and students have many questions about the implementation of this programme so we have compiled a list of the common questions and their answers below.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that technology provides new opportunities to engage and educate students that have not before been possible. Ubiquitous access to technology will also make it easier for our teachers to meet and exceed the requirements of changing curriculums as well as allowing us to prepare students for work or further studies beyond their time here at Arndell.

What kind of table will my child be provided with?

The College has selected the iPad Air and iPad Mini for the programme. The tablet has the following technical specifications:

  • Wifi connectivity
  • 32GB storage
  • Retina display
  • Protective case
How much does the iPad weigh?

The iPad Air is 469 grams in weight, about the same weight as a textbook.

How long will the battery last?

The iPad we have selected has a battery life of around 10 hours. The number of hours of usage from a battery also depends on the type of usage. With a full charge the iPad should last much longer than the duration of a school day before requiring a recharge. The College has purchased charging docks which have been installed in each classroom.

Can my child use a tablet other than the College provided tablet at school?

Unfortunately not. You can think of the tablet as part of the school uniform. In the same way students aren’t allowed to wear jeans to school instead of the school trousers or skirts, students will not be permitted to bring a tablet to school other than the College provided one. This ensures all students have equal access to technology and that our IT staff and systems can more easily cope with the demand of the programme.

What support are teaching staff to be provided with to make the most of the tablet programme?

Teaching staff will be provided with regular, scheduled training sessions on using different technology tools and software. Some of this training will be pedagogically focused as well.

Are tablets going to be used in every lesson?

No. The iPad is just one tool in the educator’s toolbox and so will only be required when the classroom teacher feels that it is appropriate.

Will we have to contribute to the student tablet programme and if so then how much?

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the programme parents will be required to make a contribution to the programme by way of a technology levy, already included in the standard service levy.

Are the tablets insured?

Yes, the tablets will be insured for accidental damage and loss. A small excess of $125 is payable in the event of accidental damage. A larger excess of $250 is payable in the event of the total destruction or complete loss of the tablet.

What happens if my child loses their tablet or it is stolen?

If the tablet is lost or stolen then students will be provided with a short-term loan device. NSW Police will need to be notified in the event of the tablet being stolen while outside the College campus. An incident number will need to be provided to the College. An excess of $250 will be chargeable to replace the tablet.

Who owns the tablet?

The finance company used by the College retains ownership of the tablet at all times.

How long will my child keep their tablet?

Depending on which year level a student is in they will keep the tablet for up to three years. This ensures students will always have a reliable, functioning tablet equipped with the latest technology.

Can we purchase the tablet at the end of the two or three year period or when my child leaves the school?

Unfortunately not. The tablets are leased and as such need to be returned to the leasing company at the loan period.

Does the tablet have to be taken home every day?

No. The classroom teacher will decide on what days it is appropriate to take the tablet home to complete homework or other tasks. Only students in Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6) are permitted to take their tablets home at the class teacher's discretion.

Will use of the tablet be monitored at school and at home?

All internet use both onsite and offsite is logged and filtered for access to inappropriate content. A report listing is automatically generated each day listing students who have attempted to access restricted content. Any incidents are followed up through the appropriate channels.

What happens if the tablet stops working?

The IT Services department is responsible for resolving issues with student tablets and other technology at the College. Technical support is provided to students before school, after school and at recess and lunch-time. If an issue with a student tablet cannot be resolved straight away and it is preventing the student from completing their schoolwork then the student will be provided with a temporary spare.

What apps are included on the iPad?

Different classes and year groups use different apps. Some of the common apps that are included with the iPads are:

Kindergarten Year 1 Year 2 Years 3-4 Years 5-6
Book Creator Blobble Write HD Blobble Write HD ibooks Adobe Photoshop Mix
ChatterPix Kids Book Creator Book Creator Mathletics Adobe Slate
Duolingo ChatterPix Kids Calculator Strip design Adobe Voice
iBooks Cloudart ChatterPix Kids Imovie Aurasma
Pages Duolingo Cloudart Showbie Australia’s House of Representatives
Paper by Fifty Three iBooks Duolingo Pages Bible
Pic Collage Pages Green Screen by Do Ink Book creator Book Creator (paid version)
Popplet lite Paper by Fifty Three iBooks Edmodo Calculator
Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass Pic Collage Pages Garageband Canva
QR Reader for iPad Popplet Paper by Fifty Three Adobe mix Chatterpix Kids
Seesaw: The Learning
Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass Pic Collage Prezi Cloudart
Showbie QR Reader for iPad Popplet lite DoInk Greenscreen Dropbox
Strip Designer Seesaw: The Learning Journal Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass Seesaw Duolingo
TeleStory Showbie Seesaw: The Learning Journal QR Reader Garageband
Mathletics Strip Designer QR Reader for iPad Google Earth Google Earth
Felt Board TeleStory Showbie Telestory Green Screen by Doink
Mathletics Stop Motion Studio Skitch iBooks
Felt Board Strip Designer Cloudart iTranslate
TeleStory Popplet Notability
Mathletics Puppetpals HD Director’s Pass Numbers
iMovie Pic Collage Pages
Paper 53 Paper by 53
Tellegami Photomapo
Chatterpix Pic collage
Stop Motion Poppet lite
Thinglink Prezi
Wilderquest Puppet Pals HD directors Pass
Keynote QR Code for iPad
Duolingo Seesaw
Dropbox Showbie
Stop motion Studio
Strip Designer
Tellagami (free version)
Photoshop Touch (Year 6 only)
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