Navigating the College Carpark

Navigating the College carpark which can sometimes be a challenge. We've included helpful information below.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and observance of carpark etiquette and road rules.

In particular we would like to highlight:

  • Where possible / practical students should be utilising the bus services provided.
  • Kiss and drop areas are exactly that – students are to disembark swiftly and safely to allow cars to move out. There is to be no parking in these areas at any time of the day.
  • Students have supervision until 3.30pm so unless you specifically need to collect your child at 3.05pm we recommend leaving your arrival till after 3.20pm.
  • Effective immediately Gate Number 2 (the middle gate) will be a left hand turn only from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. There is a roundabout at the bottom of the hill where an effective U-turn can be made.
  • Parents and students are to use the footpaths where provided, even if this means taking a slightly longer route. Walking through active parts of the carpark are dangerous and potential injury can result.
  • No Parking signs must be observed. These have been placed to ensure the best flow of traffic and the safety of you and your children.

If you have any concerns regarding the carpark our business manager, Mrs Woods as your first point of contact. You can contact her on 4545 2485 or via email at

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