Social Science

The Social Science Department of Arndell Anglican College seeks to develop students engagement with and understanding of the physical, social and economic nature of the world around us. We aim to foster an appreciation of God’s glorious creation and encourage students to develop a greater understanding of the need for the preservation and protection of the many gifts from God. Our desire is to see students apply this understanding to their academic studies, but also integrate this new knowledge into their actions and interactions beyond the school environment.

Students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of subjects in the Social Science Department. Geography, as a compulsory subject in Stage 4 and 5, forms the foundation of our students understanding of their world. In Stage 5 students can elect to study Commerce developing their understanding of the legal and economic nature of society. In Stage 6, Social Science offers Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies, Society and Culture, Studies of Religion and VET Business Services. Each year, many Stage 6 students elect to do multiple Social Science subjects due to their inherent cross-curricular links.

As well as drawing on cross-curricular links within our Department, Social Science has focused on fostering cross-curricular links particularly with Science and Mathematics. This development in Stage 4 has aimed to increase students understanding of the interrelated nature of many of the subjects they study. By doing this we seek to improve students ability to think deeply and critically on the interrelationships they investigate.

The Social Science Department also seeks to make the vocational opportunities to the subjects we offer real to our students. This is done through the many and varied fieldwork opportunities across all our subjects. It is hoped that fostering meaningful experiences outside the classroom will develop students appreciation of the application of the subject matter. Allowing students to experience the varied nature of careers in the social sciences will assist students in future planning and preparing for their life beyond school.