Senior School Sport


Senior School Sport

Year 7 - 12

The College participates in an Inter School Sports Program organized by the Hills Zone Sport Association (HZSA). This program allows students the opportunity to participate in College teams in a variety of sports over 2 Semesters. All sports are played after school on weekdays at locations across the Hills District. Students and parents sign a Commitment form  for a place in a College Team. Final selection in these teams is the decision of the team coach and Head of Sport and the receipt of the signed Commitment form prior to the nomination date. Transport to and from all Inter School Sports is the responsibility of parents and students.

The introduction of an Inter-House Sports Cup in 2013 is focused on developing student knowledge of rules and competitive play in HZSA sports and tie in with the House Structures within the college.

Inter School Sports Program

Students can compete against HZSA schools in:
Cricket Outdoor (Boys), Cricket Indoor (Yr 7  Boys), Futsal (Girls & Boys), Rugby Union (Boys), Football (soccer) ( Boys), Netball (Girls), AFL (Yr 8 & 9 Boys), Touch Football (Girls & Boys),  Basketball (Girls & Boys).

The HZSA organise Championship days in a variety of sports for HZSA selection purposes: Girls Football(soccer), Boys & Girls Hockey, Girls Softball, Boys & Girls Volleyball, Tennis (Girls & Boys).

The Semester Program is available in the section Sporting Dates.

Participating Hill Zone Schools
Arndell Anglican College, Arden School, Gilroy College, The Hills Grammar School, Marian College, Masada College, Northholm Grammar, Rouse Hill Anglican College, The Hills Adventist School, Tangara School, William Clarke College.

Age Divisions (for most sports)

·         Junior: Years 7 - 8

·         Senior: Years 9 - 12

HZSA  Representative Team Sport 

Arndell students can also access Representative Team Sports through the HZSA. Students are selected into these Team Sports through a trial process and if selected compete for the HZSA at AICES competitions.

The Representative Pathway

Arndell > HZSA > AICES > CIS > NSW All Schools > Nationals

HZSA Developmental Sport:  AFL (Yr7 Boys only) and LeagueTag (Yr 7 Girls only). These days give the students the opportunity to play sport for the challenge and fun of participating in a new sport against other schools and introduce them into HZSA Sport.

Additional Competitions: The College does, on occasions, enter additional competitions in Futsal, Cricket and NSW Rugby League, SASC Netball.

To access annual sporting dates please go to the section Dates.

Leadership Opportunities: Senior Students (Years 8-12) are also given the opportunity to develop leadership skills by becoming involved with the Junior Sports program as coaches or officials or at HZSA level by refereeing or coaching Junior teams at HZSA Inter School Sport. They also have the opportunity to assist at Junior School and Representative carnivals.

Further Representative Sporting Association Information

Students wishing to nominate for individual sports at AICES or CIS level must see Mr Gordon for a nomination form and be aware of due dates. All this information is provided in the Arndell Sports Scene and on School Assembly. Students need to be proactive in finding information from the following website:

Carnival and Sport Information and results for HZSA:

Carnival and Sport Information and results for AICES:

Carnival and Sport Information and results for CIS: