Science graduates at Arndell Anglican College benefit from authentic real-world experiences, solid academic foundations and a talented, passionate teaching team. They leave the College with a curiosity for the world around them and a passion for tackling life’s great puzzles.

Senior science offerings at Arndell include Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science (EES) and Physics. EES is a relatively new addition to the suite of subjects and is an accessible, relevant subject that complements the popular Agriculture and Geography offerings that suit our students learning interests.

We aim to foster a STEM approach in junior science. We seek cross-curricular opportunities with other faculties such as Geography and Mathematics so that our students appreciate the connections between disciplines and develop deeper, more meaningful understanding. Wherever possible, our programs are thematic and contextual, designed to optimise the student experience in Science.

We aim to continue building on our recent successes by collaborating with real-world scientists to explore sustainability projects founded upon stewardship of the planet, drawing inspiration from indigenous history and culture and honouring our Christian faith. Not only do we aspire to instil a love of Science in our students, we aim to inspire service at both local and global levels in our future leaders.