At Arndell Anglican College, families can choose for their children to join:

  •     The Prep 3-day program (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
  •     The Prep 2-day program (Monday & Tuesday or Thursday & Friday).

Prep at Arndell is a very special place of exploration and learning, of play and ‘hands on’ experiences, of growth and of sharing wonder and discovery with special friends.  The Prep Learning Program at Arndell is supportive of the New South Wales Early Years Curriculum Framework.

Our aim in Prep at Arndell is that all of our children are given carefully designed opportunity to discover a rainbow of learning and growing opportunities.

Prep incorporates:

  • A child-centred, developmental program, tailored to the individual shape of each student and responsive to each child’s need
  • A wide variety of creative play opportunities
  • Access to thinking and manipulative skills
  • A carefully balanced and incremental school readiness program and the opportunity for each child to participate and to flourish within the vibrant life, activities, traditions and culture of Arndell Anglican College Junior School

Our Prep Classes are taught by trained Junior School teachers with a special experience and insight into Early Years Education.