Pastoral Care in the Secondary School

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Pastoral Care in the Secondary School at Arndell strives to reflect true Gospel values and we hope that through the teachings of Jesus Christ our student can grow to a better understanding of their responsibilities.

Our Pastoral Care program is designed to give students increasing opportunities to explore who they are and to make wise choices about their lives within the structure and support offered by a pastoral care program that is provided in the first instance through our House system. We have 6 Houses: Greenway, Johnson, Macquarie, Tebbutt, Lock and Cartwright

Each House is led by a senior staff member who acts as a Head of House and who is supported by a student and staff leadership team.

Within each House, there are vertically structured Homerooms, each of which is led by a dedicated Homeroom Teacher. This structure enables Houses:

  •     To create a feeling that all students have a place, not only within the year group but also within the Secondary School
  •     To provide opportunities for students interact across years and contribute to each other’s well-being
  •     To pass on the culture, traditions and values of the House through succeeding generations of students.

Individual student progress and development is supported through the Homerooms, while specific pastoral care programs can be delivered through Homerooms or Year Groups as appropriate.

The Chapel Program for the Secondary School is led through the House system, with individual Houses leading the College in worship on a weekly basis.

Houses also participate in a range of sporting and cultural competitions and activities, promoting House and College spirit, as well as providing practical opportunities for student participation, service and leadership. 

Our student welfare package incorporates an approach to managing non-compliance.  The program, in its tone, has been constructed to restore the balance of social justice.  At its core is the growth of the individual within a community, enabling dealings with students to be a positive experience. In support of this, we have developed a Level System which tracks and mentors student behaviour issues sequentially, through the Homeroom Tutors, the Head of House and the Heads of Middle and Senior School. At each point in the process, communication with parents is essential to ensure a three-way resolution of potential issues.

Our College Counselling team provides support services and special programs in welfare designed to support the needs of individuals and groups within the student body.