Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care in the Junior School - Respect for all

At Arndell Anglican College Junior School we believe that we are all individuals with differences, but we are all members of the Junior School at Arndell Anglican College, called to be together, called to learn from and to esteem one another and thereby to celebrate each other as equally valued, vital parts of the one open and respectful community in this place. In our worldview, we see that every person is equally important, every person has an equal right to grow and to flourish, and that no-one has a right to harass, insult or cause offence to any other person for any reason. In particular, we reject the view that any person might feel entitled choose to cause any discomfort or harm to others.

Individual classrooms are the basis for Pastoral Care at the Junior School. Class teachers, work with specialists, support staff, management and executive staff, to develop programs that are built on our shared assumptions that

·       Every child matters

·       Education is for all

·       We should love our neighbours