HZSA / AICES / CIS Representative Nominations

Here is the place for HZSA / AICES / CIS / All Schools Nominations. All dates can be confirmed at:

HZSA - http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?client=1-7644-0-0-0

AICES - http://www.aices.com.au/

CIS - https://www.aisnsw.edu.au/Services/CIS/Pages/Sports.aspx

To nominate for a representative trial at AICES or CIS, it is a requirement of the college that you play representative level in this sport prior to nominating. 

By Nominating for your selected event you are indicating: 

- Your parent / guardian is with you while you are signing up online at this webpage.

- You and your parents / guardians are aware of the costs involved (including uniform, travel and accommodation where required). At CIS level the fee is $23.90 to trial. This will be billed to your school fees when received. 

- You and your parents / guardians are aware of the need to supply your own transport to and from the venue.

- You and your parents / guardians are aware of the dates and commitments should you be selected for further representation. 

Parents are reminded that this event is organized and supervised by staff from a School / Sports Association outside the responsibility of Arndell College and whilst all due care is taken to ensure every child’s safety, in any sporting event there is always a risk of injury to an individual. When giving permission for your child to participate in this sports trial, Parents/Guardians are taking full responsibility for their child’s participation in the event.  

Email Mr. Gordon to nominate.