Arndell Anglican College’s enthusiastic staff are interested in fulfilling the potential of each individual student and bringing them to share the love of English as a subject.

Our English programs seek to engage students of all abilities. Students learn to appreciate wonderful texts of all forms, including modern media, internet texts, film and speeches alongside the vitally important classical texts of literature.

Our English programs are designed to:

  •     Help students to think creatively and imaginatively about the world around them and to challenge concepts rather than meekly accept them
  •     Provide a focus on producing the best Higher School Certificate ATAR results for those students for whom it is appropriate, especially through Extension 1 and 2 courses
  •     Foster an appreciation of Shakespeare, whose works are taught throughout Years 7-12
  •     Promote student public speaking skills

We challenge ourselves to use the most up-to-date methods of teaching, with Interactive Smart Panels in all classrooms and a wonderfully resourced library.